About Coastal Creatives Guild

We have been designing websites for over a decade. Originally most websites we launched were for the businesses we operated.

The inception takes us back to 2004. We built a website offering online vacation rental reservations... think Airbnb. We unfortunately did not benefit from the first-mover advantage at the time. As you might have guessed someone else did!
The online vacation rental reservation platform got us hooked and in-tune with the web world and the ever changing needs and what it means for business.

Have a look at the portfolio to glance at our latest creations. They range from the standard website, to more sophisticated websites and membership platforms.

People began inquiring about our work, our skills, knowledge and experience. We are passionate about what we do and love both the creative and strategic processes. We are perfectly aligned to offer our professional services to build and position websites for entrepreneurs and businesses.

More About the Coastal Creatives Guild

Why the name Coastal Creatives Guild also CCG?

Excellent question! There are three main reasons:

  • The main office is based out of a coastal city.
  • Creativity is our driving force.
    Coastal towns and cities are often great creative hubs. Visual artists, photographers, writers, and other talented people love to create in inspiring places. Coastal areas offer inspiring environments, at least to us they do, and thus great vectors for creation. Designing visuals and organizing information is energy intensive. Eureka moments often surface in these types of beautiful environments. CCG collaborates with other creative people living in coastal settings whenever possible.
  • Our Guild is our team. It requires many creative minds to create a pleasant and effective web experience. There are so many aspects to account for. One person alone cannot address them all, and diversity is key to optimal problem solving.

Our Values

Show passion in what we do. Passion is a powerful force. It is a foundation to grass roots success and meaningful work. When we find meaning, we more easily find dedication and commitment to craft something extraordinary.

Be soulful. It is essential that we seek essence and meaning in everything we do and the people we encounter. It is quintessential to growth and creation.

Be attentive to what others have to say. Knowledge is everywhere. Start by being attentive. Take the time to not just hear but to also understand what others have to say. It might save you a lifetime.

Nourish your appetite for making a difference. In a highly interconnected world small actions travel long distances. So do constructive and thoughtful undertakings.

Coexist with compassion. Look at the world through a collective lens. Care for others. We are not strangers, but a community of people who you may not have met yet, this simply makes us unacquainted neighbors until we meet.

About the Founder

Prior to web design and SEO, Ian began his diversified career helping startups launch. Startups led him to working with business leaders that had long-standing and growing businesses. They wanted out. Ian's specialty was in coaching business leaders through their business transfer process.

Ian’s academic background combined with his on-site experience and highly intuitive nature led to his success as an innovative business consultant. He was highly respected and appreciated by the business leaders and entrepreneurs he had the opportunity to work with.

A Journey Back to Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Following his years in business transfer, Ian worked in web intelligence and marketing for larger national sites and e-commerce stores. His passion lies in website design, the user experience, and search engine optimization (SEO). He up-levels his skills regularly and recently refreshed his SEO knowledge by obtaining his SEO Specialist Certification from the Gotch Academy.  

"I get a kick out of designing experiences and watching people thrive!" 

Before launching into his own startups, Ian had the unique opportunity that many dream of. Following the completion of his Masters degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation he was recruited by the Innovation Hub of Canada within the Government of Canada's Privy Council Office. He is a natural innovative thinker. To Ian, never mind thinking out of the box. There is no box!

"If you are trying to think out of the box you are effectively already limiting potential."

Ian views the world from an elevated way of thinking and has an innate ability to reveal solutions and capture untapped ideas. These ideas later lead to unique opportunities from an entirely new perspective that others may have not considered before. His calm, low profile, curious and inquisitive demeanor helps his teams and clients move forward more confidently with a clearer vision and focus.

Most recently, he has been dedicated time to navigating the online world and operating several of his own small businesses. At heart Ian is a creative guy. The work he chooses to focus on now stems from deep personal interest and drives him to put his creative skills and innovative thinking expertise to work.

He loves any opportunity to help organizations brainstorm and roll out innovative strategies toward a value proposition in alignment with customer needs, and organizational objectives and goals.

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